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Bulk buy Save huge money

Fresh chicken thigh meat  to buy 100kg, it is only £4.15/kg

Collect meat, Vegetable, Seafoods at Treestone butchers. 

We can cut, slice and stock in for your restaurant & catering business.

Bulk buyer & busy business premise to save extra discounts.

Our shops open 7days a week, we are really happy to support your business. Customer works we follow to work.

we do deliver 7days a week. 

The Treestone

We can deliver our Meat, Seafoods & Vegetables to your area & to collect your order at Treestones,
We always open 7days a week

We match your requirement for Korean. Japanes, Chinese, Vietnam, Thailand, Halal meat, Wagyue, any Cutting, Slicing for your business.

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